Royalty 50/50

roxanne cover

Roxanne in La La Land is my first and, so far, only published book, but I am proud of it. It is the story of a girl who moves to California and her struggle to succeed in acting and love.

I was inspired to write this book because when I lived in California, I felt like I was trapped in a glass box, seeing all the beauty, happiness, and opportunities around me, but unable to reach them. I wanted to write my story of what might have been if I had moved there and not been trapped in a box. With that idea in mind, the story and characters took on their own power and spun themselves, as stories do.

When Roxanne came out, I held my breath waiting for sales to climb, and like most authors, I was disappointed. Most writers will say, you have to write many books before you will see any income from them. And I agree. So the question is: Why don’t I write lots more?

The most honest answer right now is, I was writing many different books at different times since Roxanne came out, and for many different reasons each of them disintegrated and blew away. Then the fire just died and I began looking for something to write besides novels. I looked into screenplays and memoirs and blogging. I have not given up the hope of publishing again, but I am not feeling inspired right now, and I don’t believe in forcing inspiration. This is the first time I have really enjoyed blogging, so I am riding this inspiration.

So, while we are talking about my book and how I have enjoyed a royalty check twice a year from it, I might as well tell you about the story of Tom’s shoes. I was watching “How I Made My Millions” and the guy who developed the Tom’s shoe company was on it. He was inspired not to make millions, but just to get shoes on kids feet in third world countries. So for every pair of Tom’s bought, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in a needy country. The founders name is not Tom. Tom is short for tomorrow and how he was looking forward to a better tomorrow when he developed the idea for his company.

I have always wanted to give money to worthy causes, but felt I had to be rich to do that. But when I heard the story of Tom’s, I realized I could give if it is a small, set amount. So I decided to give fifty percent of my bi-annual royalties to charity. I don’t have a regular charity I give to, but when I have money in my pocket, the charities find me, and I enjoy experiencing the miracles of that.

Go here to read more about the royalty-charity miracles.

Instead of saying one for one, like Tom’s, I say 50/50.


Here are the charities I have given to so far:

Malaria No More
Learn more about malaria and how to stop it, by clicking on the link above.

Mercy House
Learn about their mission to end poverty and stop human trafficking by clicking on the link above.

Rose Park Young Women Girl’s Camp


Humane Society of Utah


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