My name is Liesel. I am a published author of the novel Roxanne in La La Land, but have since found my voice in blogging.

I have worked as a journalist, an editor, and a copywriter. I have dabbled in screenwriting, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and pretty much everything while looking for my genre. Right now blogging feels the most right, but who’s to say I won’t write something else someday?

I have blogged on and off since 2006, but never quite hit my stride with it until I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable while writing, that didn’t happen until March 2014 on my Weebly blog. I transferred to WordPress in July 2014. Anyway, this blog is a collection of my vulnerable writings. Writings of the heart you could say.

If I were to label myself, I would say I suffer from panic and anxiety disorder, social phobia, and agoraphobia (which is not a fear of large spaces as most people assume, the literal meaning is “fear of the marketplace”, also known as fear of crowds, which is 100% accurate). But I don’t believe in labeling myself or talking about these labels like they are important. I also don’t believe in medicating myself in order to deal with the behaviors of these lables. I have simply locked myself in my house for several years and am recently learning how to unlock the front door and take a few steps outside. Baby steps.

As far as honest employment goes, I have difficulty forcing myself to leave the house and go to a job several hours every day for more than a year at a time. So before asking about my resume, just assume that I have worked everywhere, and you will probably be right. I am currently earning a paycheck by working as a crossing guard during the school year.

I live in Salt Lake with my husband and dog, and I really like cheese, and comments, but mostly cheese.

2 thoughts on “About the Sapphire Cat

  1. I love how real you are on here! The world needs more of that and then had to do a happy dance when I went on a search of blogs you follow and mine was there! That was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, will be following your blog!


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